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What is BiO conference? by Jong Bhak

The 3rd Genome Korea Conference 



The 9th International (BiO) Conference : "BiG Project: Billion Genome Project"




The 8th International
Biological Information Objects (BiO) Conference :
"Oncomics and Geromics: Cancer and Aging Sci & Tech


The 7th International
Biological Information Objects (BiO) Conference :
"Genome Science: Stability, Synthesis, Sequencing, and Editing



The 6th International
Biological Information Objects (BiO) Conference : "Applied Genomics" 


  Pan Asia Population Genomics Initiative. 26-27th Oct. 2013, Suwon, Korea  

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  Trends in Genomics. 10th Dec. 2012, Seoul National Univ. South Korea


  Trends in Genomics:  3rd BiO Conference. 8th Oct. 2012, Korea


  Trends in Bioinformatics: 2nd Bio Conference. 23rd Feb. 2012, Korea





The 1st Bio Conference. 3rd Sep. 2009, Korea



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