Program (September 3, 2009)


    ~10:00      Registrations and Opening

10:00~10:30      Julian Gough
The Evolution of the Repertoire of Domain Architectures in Genomes
11:00~11:30      Semin Lee
The Impact of Functional Restraints on the Evolution of Nucleic Acid-Binding Proteins
11:30~12:00      Dan Bolser
Wikipedia and the Global Brain
12:00~13:30      Lunch
13:30~14:00      Kyusang Lee
A View on the Future of Microarray and Array Informatics
14:00~14:30      Juok Cho
Effect Size Estimation Meta-Analysis of Multiple Microarray Studies and Its Application to the Curated Corpus of Data in ArrayExpress
14:30~15:00      Deok-Soo Kim
BioGeometry: What Is It and How Useful Is It?
15:00~15:30      Coffee Break
15:30~16:00      Sungmin Ahn
Experimental Design and Considerations for Human Genome Re-Sequencing Using Short-Read, Massively-Parallel Sequencing
16:00~16:30      Jong Bhak
The First Korean Genome Analysis
16:30~16:50      Conclusion
17:30~               Dinner