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Hyungsoon Yim, Ph.D.,  yimh@kordi.re.kr and  Jong Bhak, Ph.D.   Jongbhak@genomics.org


How to get Hoam Faculty House

Way #1 From Incheon airport to Hoam

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  1. Take the "#6017 Airport limousine bus" at the GATE 6B. (Check the Bus time table)
  2. Get off at the last stop "Hoam Faculty House"



Way #2. From Kimpo airport to Hoam

  1. Take the "#6003 Airport limousine bus" at the Bus terminal #6.
    The bus will depart every 20minutes. The bus fare is 5,000 won by cash.
  2. Get off at the main gate of Seoul National University.
    Take a taxi or a shuttle from the main gate of seoul National University

    • Shuffle service is available upon reservation only.
    • Running hour of shuttle : 08:00~19:00 (Monday to Friday).
    • Please contact at 82-2-880-0311 for reservation



Way #3 By Taxi


  1. Take a taxi from Incheon/Kimpo airport to Hoam Faculty House(HFH).

      Incheon Airpot => HFH Kimpo Airpot => HFH
    FARE \ 70,000 \ 30,000
  2. The fare could be changeable upon traffic situation. Please contact us at +82-2-880-0311 or front@hoam.ac.kr for reservation.



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