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The 2nd International Bioinformatical Information Objects (BiO) Conference


Title : Genome Revolution and Automation

Subtitle : International Symposium for the Next Generation Sequencing based Genome Research and Commercialization.

Schedule : 23 February 2012. AM 10:00 ~ PM 17:20

Location : Kwanggyo Technovally, Iui-dong, Suwon, Gyueonggi-do, Republic of Korea




09:30~10:00 am


10:00~10:20 am

Opening Ceremony (Theragen Bio Institute. Director. Jong Bhak)

10:20~11:40 am

Session 1.

S1-1. DNA Methylation Study using the Next Generation Sequencing data

Sun Kim

Associate Professor, Seoul National University, Korea


S1-1. Next Generation Healthcare from Personal Genomics

Min Seob Lee

 President, Diagnomics Inc,USA

11:40~13:00 pm

Lunch and Poster session

13:00~15:00 pm

Session 2.

S2-1. Segmentation of TCGA low pass sequencing data for CNV detection

Juok Cho

Bioinformatics Analyst II

S2-2. Mutational spectra of cancer genomes

Semin Lee

 Postdoctoral Research

S2-3. Human population admixture, history and local adaptation

Shuhua Xu

Max-Planck Independent Research Group Leader

Principal Investigator, CAS-MPG Partner institute for Computational Biology, China

15:00~15:20 pm

Coffee Break

15:20~17:20 pm

Session 3.

S3-1. Capacity Building in Plant and Animal Genomes

Manuel Corpas

Project Leader, The Genome Analysis Centre, UK

S3-2. Ensembl genomes and the Ensembl technology, variation, regulation, homology, and Perl

Dan Bolser

Consultant, National Cancer Research Institute, Italy



          S3-3. Genome Engineering and Application to Functional Genomics

                                                                      Duhee Bang

Assistant professor, Yonsei University, Korea


17:20 pm